SMS Gateway

Octopush SMS Gateway: Send text messages from your computer

Sending an SMS to several people can be quite tedious if you use a mobile phone. A web platform or SMS gateway is an efficient solution that allows you to send bulk text messages in France or around the world at affordable rates.

What is an SMS gateway?

An SMS gateway allows you to send and receive text messages, or Short Message Service (SMS), in bulk from a computer.

The SMS gateway allows you to send and receive SMS and other media in 2 ways:

  • with a platform: a web application that allows you to connect from any device with internet access to send and receive SMS messages.
  • with an API: connect your software to our SMS gateway to send and receive SMS directly in the applications you already use
SMS Gateway

What are the advantages of using an SMS gateway for sending text messages?

For your technical team:

  • Improve and/or automate sending processes
  • Centralized administration
  • Secure and automate shipments
  • Accessible 24/7 to all users
  • No maintenance and material costs

For members of your marketing and communication team, they can :

  • Broadcast messages instantaneously to their clients and prospects
  • Comply with the law on SMS sending rules
  • Track shipments and statistics online
  • Reduce operating costs

6 key questions to help you choose your SMS gateway service and the essential services.

1) What is the payment method for a text message?

SMS gateway can be broadly divided into 2 categories in terms of payment method:

  • Based on credits: You buy a certain number of credits. Sending an SMS costs you one or more credits, depending on the country you are sending your text message to. For example, sending a text to India may cost you 1 credit, while sending a text to the US will cost you 2 credits.
  • Based on SMS: You buy a certain number of text messages. Sending a message is the same regardless of the destination or gateway.

Octopush, for example, works with the remaining amount of SMS messages because it is more intuitive. The price per SMS may vary depending on the amount you buy or the type of SMS you send. For our users, it has therefore been easier to understand their SMS balance that they can actually use.


2) Does the text provider require a minimum quantity of text messages purchased?

Some companies require minimum purchase amounts, like to buy at least 1000 or more credits every time. If you are unsure about the success of your text campaign, choose a provider that does not require minimums.

You will have plenty of time to increase the number of messages after you test if your campaigns are being successful or not.

3) Are messages subject to an expiration date?

For some platforms, credits or text messages expire after a certain period of time, after which they can no longer be used. This could be annoying if you want to test your campaigns in your own time and pace, so you should check this before signing up with a provider.

Octopush, for example, doesn’t impose any expiration dates on your SMS, but it does on your account. For security reasons, if you don’t sign in to your account for a full year, it becomes inactive and is automatically shut down.

4) What’s the quality of the network coverage?

Network coverage is an important factor, as it is quite possible that a text router may not be able to deliver your messages in certain countries or via certain mobile operators. You can usually find a detailed list of countries and operators covered on the text provider’s website.

Some SMS routing platforms offer very competitive rates, but beware, as the quality of their network coverage can be quite poor. Your messages may never reach their destination, or else after a very long and random delay.

One option is to check with their customer service department to see if they cover the location you are interested in, but the most efficient way is to send a test SMS to see if they actually get through. Companies like Octopush offer free SMS messages so that you can test their deliverability, speed and accuracy of the message you compose.

5) Is your system compatible with the API provided by the SMS gateway?

You will make the most of your SMS gateway service by integrating it to your software. This way, you’ll be able to trigger automatic pre-formatted messages to your clients, which will save you time and will improve the customer experience.

Every software is written in a certain “protocol”, which is the way how data is trasmitted between computers. These protocols typically include :

  • HTTP, the most common and easiest to use.
  • HTTPS, for encrypted and therefore secure data.
  • SMTP, for sending and receiving text messages from email software.

It would be wise to check that your software is compatible with the provider’s API before making any commitments, or at least that they support all protocols, like Octopush.

6) Is the API easy to use?

Every API comes with its documentation to provide instructions for the Programmers and Developers on how to connect it and use it with your software. However, some companies don’t take this seriously and include lousy documentations that end up with you losing your time or even changing your provider.

Normally, the documentation for setting up the SMS API is provided publicly, so make sure to check with your Developers if everything is detailed and comprehensible. It will save you time and effort in the long run, we assure you!