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As the COVID-19 manages to put the whole world on hold, companies are trying to keep up with the technology they have in hand. The remote movement started long ago, but it’s due to this pandemic that we’re watching it bloom so rapidly.

Some people even say that work as we know it will never be the same after this: according to Condeco Software, 41% of global businesses surveyed said they already offer some degree of remote working. What will the statistics say after the coronavirus pandemic is over? We’ll just have to wait and see, but for now, what we can do is to help each other achieve the best possible performance as remotely as we can.

Here we’ve gathered the best practices and tips from the pioneers on this topic. A handbook full of the methods companies like Hubstaff, Zapier, Automattic, Tafe Courses and Melewi use, plus some other methods that we apply as a team at Octopush (yes, if you didn’t know, we went fully remote since the beginning of 2020!).

Click here to get On Remote | Handbook

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Here’s what you’ll inde inside:

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What other practices and methods are you using for working remotely? What challenging is your company facing? And how are you liking/disliking it so far?

Drop us a comment and share your opinions with us 🙂

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