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Status SMS in a campaign list


Encoding : UTF-8


Your “api-key” and “api-login” must be added in the headers.


This service allows you to obtain the status of a text message campaign on a list.

Special parameters

ticket_numberstringThis is the ticket_number transmitted by Octopush after the call to the creation function

Example Curl

curl -X GET \ 
'https://api.octopush.com/v1/public/sms-campaign-on-list/status?ticket_number=sms_xxxX0000xxxxx0000' \ 
-H 'api-login: ******@email.org' \ 
-H 'api-key: ************' \ 
-H 'cache-control: no-cache'

Command to copy/paste

curl -X GET 'https://api.octopush.com/v1/public/sms-campaign-on-list/status?ticket_number=sms_xxxX0000xxxxx0000' -H 'api-login: ******@email.org' -H 'api-key: ************' -H 'cache-control: no-cache'

JSON Server Response

Success : 200 OK

  "number_of_contacts": 20,
  "cost": 2.58,
  "status": "ready_to_be_send"

Failure : 400 Bad Request

This error will be returned as long as the campaign is not ready.

Possible values for the ‘status’ field

  • ready_to_be_sent
  • under_computation
  • failed