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What is a SMS marketing ?

SMS marketing is a type of message that companies send for commercial and promotional purposes. Through SMS marketing campaigns you can launch promotions, announce the launch of new products, create special offers or remind your contacts of their abandoned cart. Unlike transactional SMS, the main objective of SMS campaigns is to increase the sales of your company. 

SMS marketing

Why do an SMS campaign?

SMS marketing is now used by all types of companies. And this, whether it is a micro-company, a SME or a large company. Indeed, SMS marketing has an important effect on the economy. It is an indispensable means to attract positive results in your multi-channel marketing strategy.

Here are some of the main benefits you can get from professional SMS marketing solutions:

SMS Campaign

1. High opening rates

According to Digitiz, the French find about 40 emails in their email inboxes per day. Most of these emails are promotions and newsletters. As far as email notifications of commercial advertisements are concerned, they have an opening rate of only 26% in France.

This rate indicates that consumers are actively choosing not to engage with advertising in any way.

On the other hand, emailing via SMS marketing has demonstrated a 98% open rate.

This is a huge difference in the response of the target audience. By using a well-planned SMS marketing strategy, you can attract many more prospects. And that’s while encouraging them to engage with your brand.

2. Master customer follow-up

With our analytics tool, SMS marketing campaigns allow you to track the responses of all your customers. This allows you to keep an eye on the contacts who choose to view your messages. But also on those who respond enthusiastically and on those who don’t seem to be interested at all.

Some analytics will help you understand the quality of your ROI and whether your SMS marketing is really working.

  • Check the cost per subscriber of your campaign.
  • Track the growth of your subscriber list.
  • Keep track of how many people respond to your call to action (CTA).
  • Watch for people who unsubscribe.
  • Calculate ROI to determine effectiveness on a regular basis.
  • Get an acknowledgement of all your text messages.

Tracking your audience in this way will allow you to think about what factors in your marketing strategy are successful in attracting your customers and which ones need to be changed.

In short, they provide data you can use to refine your marketing and increase conversions.


3. Immediate results

Your customer can access all of the information communicated when promoting your business, or even visit your website, with a few taps on their cell phone as soon as you send your campaign.

Be sure to send your SMS notifications at a time when your contacts are most likely to respond to your ads. Once you get the timing right, your customers will be interested in seeing your SMS and will respond immediately.

4. Create personal connections

Unlike email and pop-ups, which can often seem impersonal and awkward, an SMS message prompts more authentic and personalized communication to create a sense of connection between you and your customer.

You’ll be able to attract more potential customers, who will be confident of your company’s integrity and close attention.

5. Unbeatable price

Although you can find an SMS sending service for free, be aware that this kind of offer is not reliable, as they compromise the security of your personal data and information.

However, there are professional SMS sending services that offer exceptional features and allow you to manage your marketing campaigns with complete peace of mind. And all for a price per message or per package cheaper than other communication channels such as email marketing.

Who can use the SMS Marketing solution?

All companies can benefit from the use of SMS marketing campaigns. Here are some examples of the main uses by sector of activity:


Garages and car dealerships can send a message to engage their customers with new car models, exclusive events, etc.

Beauty and Wellness

Spas, wellness centers and cosmetic stores can’t launch contests, send SMS to announce flash sales, sales.


Restaurants can run a campaign to invite their customers to participate in contests, present them with promotions, purchase coupons, discounts on delivery, and invite them to make reservations on exclusive dates.

Who can use the SMS Marketing solution ?


Laboratories and pharmacies can run a campaign to encourage patients to do studies and tests based on health-related events and announce promotions on their products and services.

Real Estate

Real estate brokers and agencies can advertise new properties in their catalogs, advertise and invite their potential clients to visit a property.

Retail and E-commerce

This is one of the sectors that can benefit the most from SMS marketing. Stores use SMS communication to launch contests, advertise, encourage a customer to complete an order, announce sales and flash sales.


Associations, gyms and sports classes can use SMS to announce events, invite prospects to register or launch promotions.

Recruitment agencies and human resources departments

Recruitment agencies can use SMS to advertise job fairs and invite professional candidates to participate or even for appointment reminders.

Travel and Hospitality

Hotels, airlines, train services and travel agencies can launch seasonal promotion campaigns, travel packages, contests.

Marketing, Communication and Advertising Agencies

Marketing agencies are at the heart of the professional SMS marketing solution. They can manage the marketing of their clients through the use of sub-accounts for the creation of SMS marketing campaigns.

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