Customer success story: Alliance Automotive Group

When it comes to marketing, companies are ready to invest in proven technologies. Most companies use known marketing levers like SEO, social networks, sending emails or even offline methods. Despite the increasingly growing use of mobile marketing, some have not yet integrated this efficient marketing tactic as part of their strategy, which represents a real paradox when you know the performance well.

We speak to Charles Demillecamps, Marketing Manager at Alliance Automotive Group, to gain insight into his experience with our bulk SMS service and how he uses it to create campaigns and communication that build customer loyalty.

Charles Demillecamps
Charles Demillecamps -Responsable Marketing Alliance Automotive Group

What is Alliance Automotive Group?

Alliance Automotive Group (AAG) is a major player in the independent distribution of spare parts and supplies for the automotive and heavy goods vehicle repair market.

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How did you join the company?

I joined Alliance Automotive Group in 2017 as their Marketing Manager to oversee their franchise networks after an acquisition.

What problem were you looking to solve with Octopush?

With more than 150 stores to manage, we were looking for a solution to allow us to quickly contact all the customers in our databases, but also to be able to communicate with them and share our direct marketing campaigns.

One of the prerequisites was that this SMS marketing platform could allow us to inform our customers in real-time, which is not the case with all bulk SMS platforms.

Why did you choose Octopush SMS marketing platform?

What particularly appealed to us at the start was the attractive cost, the fact that the platform was easy to use, efficient and fast, but also the possibility of being able to personalize our communications. Indeed, the Octopush platform allows us to use dynamic fields. This allows us to be able to add not only the name of the customer, but also the name of the store (s) concerned by this offer without having to create an additional campaign for each of them. With a large number of different stores this made the job much faster and more efficient.

How has SMS impacted in your customers?

SMS marketing is a powerful business lever. We have very few unsubscribes from the SMS campaigns we send. Our customers are happy with this method of instant communication and so are we.

What has been your most successful SMS campaign and in what context have you used our SMS platform to generate this success?

“We launched an SMS campaign during the COVID lockdown in order to quickly notify all our customers of the opening hours of our stores for the maintenance of their vehicles, which allowed us to generate traffic and sales in-store. “

What are the main advantages of using SMS marketing campaigns?

The speed of creating a campaign

“Unlike other platforms which sometimes have a very long validation process to allow sending of bulk SMS campaigns, Octopush allows us to launch our bulk SMS campaigns instantly.”

With Octopush, there is no validation delay, which gives the platform a major edge over its competitors, especially when we need to launch a last-minute campaign.

The SMS personalisation tool

With more than 150 stores, this functionality allows us to communicate with our customers in a targeted way. We use it to personalize both the name of the sender and the recipient.

The Real-Time Database Checker (HLR Lookup)

This service allows us to check the existence and validity of a mobile number in real-time, the roaming path of a mobile number, or the type of phone number. Adding a new database to it is very easy, and integrating it into our existing database just as easy. This service allows us to monitor the freshness of our databases and thus reduce the likelihood of failure when sending bulk SMS to customers and prospects.

HLR Lookup
HLR Lookup

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