7 Real Examples of Companies Using SMS

examples companies sms
  1. BlaBlaCar
  2. Indosat
  3. BNP Paribas
  4. GO Sport
  5. Cancillería Argentina
  6. Indeed
  7. Mobike

In our last newsletter, we pointed out the benefits of having an SMS Marketing strategy and we shared 6 Best Practices for Lead Generation with SMS.

Now, for some inspiration, let’s explore how companies are using text messaging with their own clients so we can and how we could apply these strategies with our own businesses.

7 Real Examples of Companies Using SMS

1) BlaBlaCar

The company for car pooling uses SMS to confirm your reservation for a trip and give you the personal information of your driver in case you need to contact him.

Type of message: confirm a reservation

Who can apply it:

  • Hotels & Restaurants: to confirm a reservation
  • Associations: to confirm meetings
  • Doctors: to remind their patients of their appointments
  • HR: confirm your candidate’s appointment
  • Theaters: to confirm seats reservations
  • Transport & Trips: to confirm a ticket reservation

2) Indosat

The telecommunications company from Indonesia uses segmentation to welcome customers from other countries. They take the information given by the customer when they purchase the SIM card and trigger this personalized message with useful instructions for how to make an international call.

Type of message: welcome message

Who can apply it: all.

Always send a welcome message to thank your customers for using your services. Use the information you have on them to segment your recipients and personalize the message.

3) BNP Paribas

The bank uses SMS for keep the accounts of their customers safe. They text when they detect suspicious activity to validate your identity.

Type of message: alerts

Who can apply it:

  • banks & financial services: when your software detects some suspicious activity in your customer’s account
  • software: validate your user’s identity
  • security services: notify your clients when the alarms activate

4) GO Sport

The retail brand let their VIP customers be the firsts to know when they launch an exclusive offer. With this, they reward their most loyal customers and they enhance the sense of exclusivity of belonging to fidelity program.

Type of message: commercial

Who can apply it:

  • e-commerce & retail: let your exclusive customers know beforehand of your special offers
  • hotels & restaurants: let your VIP guests know of the specials deals you have for them

5) Cancillería Argentina

The Argentinian Embassy in Spain sends a message to their citizens telling them where to get consular assistance. They also provide a URL and a phone number for more information.

Type of message: information

Who can apply it:

  • Public Sector: let your citizens know how to proceed in case they have a problem
  • Association: share important information with all the members
  • Energy & Transportation: keep your consumers informed about the status of their services

6) Indeed

The job marketplace gives you updates on your applications via SMS. They start the conversation telling exactly what the message is about and give you the option to opt-out right away.

Type of message: updates

Who can apply it:

  • HR: update your candidates about their hiring process
  • Communication Agencies: share breaking news with you audience according to their preferences

7) Mobike

The bike rental startup sends instructions by SMS to their users to guide them when using their product for the first time.

Type of message: instructions

Who can apply it:

  • Startups: guide your clients step-by-step into a successful on boarding.
  • Energy: troubleshoot your consumers with simple instructions to the most common issues
  • Public sector: help people through administrative and public procedures.